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As a wedding photographer, there are a plethora of wedding traditions that I have the pleasure to photograph. From the details of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to the cake cutting, there are plenty of traditions that today’s bride incorporates into her wedding. Recently, I realized that I don’t know anything about these traditions or why they are incorporated into the wedding day! Have you ever wondered why you need something blue on your wedding day? Have you ever wondered why the cake cutting is so important? Or who came up with the idea to light a unity candle? So I decided to start a blog series detailing the wedding traditions and their relevance to today’s brides.

I’ll start off with the “Something’s”

“Something old”

Let’s start with the rhyme. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” This is the traditional Olde English saying. As Americans adopted this saying for their weddings, they dropped the sixpence part. I would have too. If you’re like me when I read that I was thinking, what is a sixpence? Well it’s a British coin worth “1/40th of a pound of sterling” according to Wikipedia. I understand why this was dropped from the saying. For today’s bride, I don’t think it would be relevant. And fractions confuse me so I’m glad I didn’t have to incorporate it into my wedding :)

So “something old” represents tradition and a bride’s connection to her family and her past.

For my Wedding, my mother gave me a pair of my Great Grandmother’s earrings. She passed away a year before I was born and having a piece of her jewelry made me feel close to her on my special day! 


If you’re stuck and can’t figure out what to incorporate into your day here are a few ideas. Something old:

  • Mother or grandmother’s jewelry
  • Wearing your mother’s veil
  • Having your mother’s veil wrapped around the bouquet
  • Cutting the cake with your parents silverware from their wedding
  • Making a vintage headpiece out of your mother’s gown

Whether you decide to follow the traditions or not, it’s always fun to know where they originated. Stay tuned for next Monday when I explore the meaning behind “something new”

Past brides, what was your “something old?”  Soon to be bride’s what do you have in mind for your “something old?” Comment below, I’d love to know.