Fashion Week Adventures: MBFW Portraits with Ariana


            Today’s Fashion week adventures features Ariana Pierce. I had the pleasure of meeting Ariana on the first day of my Fashion Week experience.  We were introduced through Tami and little did I know I would have the opportunity to photograph Ariana as well. Ariana is a young entrepreneur, or in her words she is a “Fashionpreneur.” She is a fashion blogger, has her own nail polish line, and sells jewelry at  I’m amazed at all she has accomplished so far, and she’s only 24!  Ariana was so sweet and fun to work with. Her style is gorgeous too! I was definitely inspired by her outfits. I’m not that creative when it comes to my style, so working with both Tami and Ariana has really inspired me to experiment with all things pretty, girly, and creative. Especially when it comes to accessorizing.

I’m terrible at accessorizing. Half the time I don’t wear earrings. When I was younger, I lost them all of the time.  For some reason my earrings would rather stay anywhere else than on my ears. I remember an Elementary school picture where I only had one earring in. My mom was not too happy about that. Sorry mom. So I think I’ve always feared losing them and as a result, never wore them. Anyways, rant over! Long story short, earrings have always been an afterthought for me, and that’s translated into other accessories too. But, I am going to do better! Photographing such pretty clothes, and jewelry has inspired me in many ways and I can’t wait to continue to express my creativity through photography and my personal style.  Let’s just say, I learned a lot during fashion week. :) 

Check out a few of my favorite images. 

This necklace is soooo pretty!

This necklace is soooo pretty!



Other Photographers wanted her picture too! I love this one! 

Other Photographers wanted her picture too! I love this one! 

Check out Ariana’s blog for style inspiration and visit for beautiful accessories!

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