The importance of existing…


I visited my family in Virginia this past weekend. It’s only been about two months since I moved away but surprisingly I was very homesick. I was so grateful that I was able to visit and due to being snowed in, I was unable to leave when planned. But, everything happens for a reason and I was able to spend a little extra time with my family. I wanted to practice taking portraits and my mom volunteered to be my model for the day. I was very excited because it’s usually hard for me to convince my mom to take pictures. It was so fitting that I was able to take pictures of my mom because that same morning, I watched Sue Bryce on the Creative Live course about “Modern Women’s Portraiture.” One of the things that really struck me about what she said was that it’s important for women to exist in portraits.

There are so many people that don’t like taking photographs. How many people have mothers, sisters, friends, and cousins who don’t like taking pictures? I can think of so many people that I know personally who don’t like to. Regardless of the reason why they choose to avoid it, it’s important. When I look at a picture it’s like nostalgia. I remember the moment, how I felt, and what happened on that day.  It was freezing and we were only outside for about 15 minutes, but the memories that we created on this day will always be there. Looking back at these photos, it makes me so happy. Because I know I captured my mom’s true essence. I captured her beauty, her smile, her laughter, her strength, and all of the little things in between. Together, looking back, we’ll remember the feeling of joy, the laughter we shared, the jokes that were said, and the precious time we had. This day will forever be timeless; filled with moments we can never get back, replaced with memories that will last forever. These memories will always be frozen in time.  I guess being snowed in can be a good thing. :) 

I said all this to say, it’s important to exist in photos. Not just for yourself, but for your family. So be present, enjoy the moments, and take a pictures to make it last!

With love,