Monday Inspiration

I came across this quote today and it really struck a chord with me. It’s a reminder to keep everything in perspective and to remember that success, although important, is not greater than value. You are unique, you are loved, and you are the most valuable person in someone’s life. You have a gift that is unique to only you and you are extraordinary. Use your gifts and strive to be of value to someone. Whether it’s on the job, at work, school, etc. if you focus on value success will come. Success in business, relationships, friendships and every area of your life will come when you focus on truly bringing value to someone’s life. It’s better than anything money can buy. Be supportive of friends and family and spend time with those that you love. Time is precious. Time is valuable. Time is fleeting. Use your time wisely. Don’t lose focus of those you love trying to reach for success. Focus on bringing value to the lives of others, one smile, one hug, and one word at a time.


Happy Monday!


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