Cherry Blossoms and Lovely ladies

I moved to New York in January of this year. Along with my husband, we made the leap and moved to the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” so to speak, or sing LOL (P.S. I’m a BIG Alicia Keys fan). Starting over can be intimidating, and at some point it was. But I had to decide to get out of my own way. Virginia was, and still is my comfort zone. Moving to New York has propelled me out of that comfort zone. I was forced to start over and be the new girl again. There I was in this huge city where no one knew me, I had zero friends, and I was terrified to start a new career. But, I knew if I wanted to survive in this city I would have to put myself out there. So I sent an email to a Photographer named Caroline and asked her if she would meet up with me for coffee.  She responded, let me know that she leads a small bible study group that meets every Tuesday, and she invited me to come.

I lit up with excitement because one of the hardest parts about leaving Virginia was leaving behind those friends, family, and church family that challenged me and encouraged me to grow. I immediately said of course that sounds amazing! I hadn’t even lived in New York a full week yet and I told my husband that I was going to a bible study group LOL. I went, and instantly felt connected and I’m so happy I did.  Every Tuesday we meet to learn, read, laugh, talk, worship, and encourage one another in every area of our lives. Without these ladies, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They’ve been such a light in my life and I hope I have been the same to them. I am so thankful to them for letting this new girl feel like an old friend.

Last month we had picnic in central park followed by a cherry blossom filled photo shoot! Cherry Blossoms + Photographers + Camera’s + Central Park = Ahhhhh….Pretty Pretty pictures!


This is Amy.



Love this picture :) 

Love this picture :) 



Random: This is a squirrel. I climbed a tree and this is who I ran into. It stared me down as if to say, why are you in my tree?  So I promptly got out of that tree LOL


If you're wearing a tulle skirt, twirling is a requirement! :) 


Cassi is not pictured :( but hopefully I’ll get to take pictures of her soon! Thanks ladies for letting me take pictures of you! :) I had so much fun!


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