Tips for Choosing your First Dance song

If you’re currently in Wedding planning mode, there are so many details that you have to choose. Besides the major things like choosing a venue, bridal party, dresses, Photographer J and many other things, the smaller details can’t be overlooked. One of those details is the First dance song. It took my husband and I a while to figure out the perfect song to dance too. There were just so many options to choose from and we love music. So, I decided to make a short list of tips to help narrow your search down a bit.


A.     Choose something that’s meaningful to you

If you can, try to remember a song that came around when you first began dating. Was there a song that was constantly on repeat that you just loved during that time? If it helps, you can always Google it. LOL Find out what was popular during that time and if anything strikes a chord with you then that may be it. For example: If you and your fiancé are high school sweethearts and you went to prom together, do you remember the first song you danced too? I know it’s hard to remember, but if you have a great memory, it’s worth a shot!


B.      Choose the Song you just can’t help but sing along too!

We all have that song that you never get tired of, it’s always on repeat, and when you hear it on the radio you can’t help but sing along! If it’s romantic and about love, even better, it could be the one.


C.     The song that reminds you of that special someone.

Is there a song that reminds you of that special someone every time you hear it? The song that is surprisingly accurate about your feelings for that person. Well it may be the perfect song for you!


D.     Ditch the tradition, if you want to…

It doesn’t have to be a traditional slow song. Your first dance is whatever you want it to be. If you want to have a special choreographed dance to a fun upbeat love song, go for it! After all, it is a celebration! It’s your day, have fun with it!


If you’re still stuck, here are a few of my faves

Recent love songs: (within the past few years)

“All of Me” John Legend

“Love Song” Adele

“Sweetest Love” Robin Thicke

“That’s When I knew” Alicia Keys


Upbeat Songs

“Just the way you are” Bruno Mars

“I Choose You” Sara Bareilles

“My Cherie Amor” Stevie Wonder


The Classics

 “At Last” Etta James

“Let’s Stay together” Al Green

And of course you can never go wrong with choosing any song from Boys II Men :)



The first dance is a perfect way to express your personalities and is unique to you and your new bride/groom. In spite of all that may be going on around you, your friends and family admiring from a distance or your mom shedding a tear; nothing else matters. You’ll drift away, not paying attention to your surroundings. Only focusing on that first dance. That first loving, warm embrace of your new bride/groom dancing like no one’s watching; to your song. So make it a good one! NO pressure :)

Happy Wedding Planning!

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