A better way to collect your friends addresses to send your wedding invitations


Four years ago, I was recently engaged, just started a new job, feeling overwhelmed with the excitement of wedding planning, and realizing how much work I had a head of me. But I was happy and excited for the process. One of the most difficult things was trying to figure out who to invite to my wedding and how to get their addresses. I sat down with my parents and my husband’s parents and we wrote down the addresses to family and friends from all over. We made phone calls and even sent those dreaded Facebook or text group messages saying, “Hey, I’m getting married, what’s your address.” I kept everything written down on a few sheets of paper and mailed out my entire save the dates and wedding invitations that way. It was a terribly long process tracking people down and getting their addresses. Oh how I wish I had “Postable” back then. If you haven’t heard of Postable, it’s an app that allows you to collect mailing addresses, birth dates, and other contact info from your friends and family WITHOUT the annoying Facebook group messages.

How it works

Once you create an account you can get a custom private link that you can email to your friends. This link will prompt them to enter their mailing address and any other pertinent information you want from them. You can even get their birthdate. So you don’t have to rely on Facebook to remember your friend’s birthday anymore. This is a great database to keep all of your friends and families addresses current and is a great tool to stay organized for mailing out your Wedding Invitations, Save the dates, or Holiday cards. There’s so much you can do with this app! You can even send your cards or invitations directly from the website. Postable will print, mail, and stamp everything for you. Just customize your design and Postable will send it to the person of your choice. It's such a time saver!

My favorite things about Postable

  •  Once your friends complete the form, it will add their information into your online address book.
  •  If someone has moved, or you need to make sure their information is still correct, you simply send them an email with a link to “refresh” their contact information
  •  You can export all of your contacts to an excel spreadsheet
  •  Easy to use 
  •  I NEVER have to send a group text message to ask for addresses again!
  •  It’s FREE!

So if you’re getting ready to send out Save the dates, Wedding invitations, or Holiday cards, sign up for Postable for an easy way to collect your friends information.

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