Behind the Lens | New York City Wedding Photographer


Happy World Photography day!

I'm so excited to share a new series with you called "Behind the Lens."  I figured I would share my thought process on how I create some of my images.  It will give you better insight on how I approach your Wedding day or Engagement session and give you a little behind the scenes look into how I work. And what better day to kick this off than #worldphotographyday. This particular picture is one of my absolute favorite images. It may seem simple but it’s one of those instances where the vision I had for the photo was not only created but also exceeded. I love it because of the real and authentic emotion that Charita and Marc are displaying and the beautiful lighting illuminating them.

To set the scene, we were on a street in Brooklyn. I was walking down the street and looking for the best light. Because it doesn’t matter what location you’re in, if the lighting is good, you can make something great. We were walking down the street and about to go to a different location when I turned around and saw this beautiful ray of sun illuminating the step of this brownstone. I love unique and dramatic lighting and I just knew I needed to photograph them there. As always, I wanted my focus to be on my couple and I knew that this brownstone step was perfect for that. It was just enough light to make them the focus and also enough to get a sense of where they were in the scene. I envisioned them sitting on the step with the background dark and in shadow and the only light would be the ray of sun slightly shining on them.

I knew that the dark background would make a stark contrast to them and they would be the brightest part of the frame, which would make your eye go directly to them. I sat them down on the step and walked on the other side of the street. I just let them talk to each other for a bit and waited for the right moment to take the picture. Marc said something funny and as a result Charita burst into laughter. It was perfect! Nothing beats capturing a real moment in the perfect lighting scenario. It’s amazing when you can see your vision come to life even better than you imagined it!