Behind the Lens | Trusting your Photographer's vision



As a photographer I’ve been training my eyes to not only look but to really see what’s in front of me. On Wedding days, often times you’re crunched for time and you are dealing with a lot of elements that are againast you. This includes the weather, time, and more specifically the sun. Depending on what time of day you have to do bride and groom portraits, the sun may be too bright and it might be difficult to find a suitable place to take photos. There might be a beautiful area that you want to get your pictures taken but the sun might be too bright in that particular spot.


I don’t want the sun beaming directly into your eyes. So it’s up to me to find a beautiful location with a well lit background that won’t hurt your eyes. Sometimes I find those locations in the most unlikely spots, for instance on the side of a parking lot. I know, that sounds really strange, but honestly I’ve created some of my favorite photos on the side of parking lots. The image above was taken on the side of a parking lot with these beautiful flowers. I saw it and I thought, “OMG this is so gorgeous.”


This beautiful Lake Valhalla Club Wedding took place last August. It’s a beautiful venue with some gorgeous spots to photograph and here I was taking my bride and groom to the parking lot for photos. But, they trusted my vision and trusted that the photos would come out beautiful. And they did. The best part is, you would never be able to tell that this photo was taken in a parking lot! So, even though your photographer may have a crazy idea, go along with it. You definitely won’t regret it.