Central Park Engagement Session | New York Engagement Photographer


So I've been waiting for this engagement session since I met Sameline and Justin earlier this year.  They found me on the Knot, and immediately after reading the email that she sent me I instantly knew that I had a connection with her. I don't know how you can instantly become friends with somebody over an email, but I feel like that's what happened. I loved their story and I couldn’t wait to meet them. When we met, we talked like we have known each other for years. Talking about wedding colors, details, their venue and life in general. I just loved every minute of it and I love this couple. 

Their engagement session took place in Central Park. It was Columbus Day so it was super crowded. However, we were able to find some secluded spots that weren’t overly crowded with people. When we went to the Bow Bridge there was a man who was playing with either a bass or a cello. I have no idea what instrument it was. I'm not good with instruments. All I know is that it was big and it sounded beautiful! It was like he knew we were coming and wanted to play some romantic music to entertain us and bring more romance to the session.

I like to capture real emotion when I'm photographing my clients and I love of genuine smiles and laughter. And these two made it so easy. Justin effortlessly made Sameline smile. She was so full of giggles and I loved it! The smile that your love can put on your face is incomparable. And I'm so grateful to have been able to capture these authentic moments. Sameline and Justin I can't wait for your wedding next May it's going to be beautiful and I wish you both nothing but happiness.