How to look amazing in your wedding photos


As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve lost count of the amount of times someone has told me:


“I hate taking pictures”

“I’m not photogenic”

“I look awkward on camera”

“Can you make me look like Beyoncé?”


Ok maybe not the last one. I’ve only been asked that a handful of times. But seriously, I get the other three all the time.  And I get it. Getting your picture taken can be a little stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. So to help combat your potential “photo anxiety” I decided to write some tips on how to look amazing in your wedding photos. 


Tip 1: Relax.

Relax and don’t think about “taking pictures.” I know that everyone has their “camera smile” when someone holds up a camera and takes a picture of you. And you may even have a “good side” that you’d prefer be photographed rather than the other side of your face. That’s great! But if you’re worried about photographing your “good side,” or having the perfect “camera smile” your pictures are going to look stiff and unnatural. You’re also not going to have any fun. My advice is to relax. Your wedding day is an exciting and exhilarating experience and your focus should be having fun and enjoying every minute of it.


Tip 2: Trust your photographer

Trust me, your photographer has your best interest at heart. Our job is to make you look as incredible as you feel on your wedding day. Photographers are always looking for the best angles, the best lighting, and the best location to photograph you in a beautiful way. Photography is way more fun when you’re not stressing out about how you look. So relax and let your Photographer take the lead. Photographers have the ability to see things in a way that most people don’t see them. Each photographer is unique and has a creative vision like no other. Trusting your Photographer’s vision allows you to relax and enjoy your day while looking and feeling your best.


Tip 3: Have fun!

This has been mentioned in the previous tips and it’s so important it needs it’s own category. Getting your picture taken on your wedding day can be nerve-wracking. There is so much going on and so many moving parts. But the great thing about your wedding day is just that…it’s YOUR wedding day! So enjoy it and have fun. Just be present in the moment and your photographer will capture your day beautifully.


I hope these tips help!


Happy Friday! :)