My Photography Bucket List | NYC Wedding Photographer


It’s Friiiidayyyyyy! Whoop Whoop! It’s been a great week and I’m even more excited for the weekend. As a photographer, Friday is like a continuation of my workweek because I’m photographing weddings on the weekend. And this weekend is no different. The rest of the week I get to work on the not so fun, not so creative, behind the scenes tasks like spreadsheets, album design, and other things. And still find time to practice my craft and stay in a creative mindset to get ready for the weekends shoots. So to keep organized I make lists.

 If I don’t write things down then they will not get done. If it’s not on my list, then whatever it was that I was supposed to do is not getting done. You name it; I have a list for it. I make lists for groceries, work tasks, errands, books I want to read, beauty products I want to try, pro’s and cons lists, I mean the list goes on and on. (See what I did there? ;) So when I was daydreaming about the places that I want to photograph I figured I should make a list. I've seen other Photographer's do it and after all I'm a list maker, so “list makers gonna list.”

Without further ado, (I’ve always wanted to say that. Why, I don’t know) here is my “Photography bucket list.”  It’s my list of dream places that I want to photograph. I’m putting it out there so I’m excited for my future self to look back on this and see that all of these have come true. J Note: this list is Wedding genre-ish specific. I’m also a NYC dance photographer so I have a separate bucket list I’ll share for that too! :)

In no particular order:

  • Photograph a session underwater
  • Photograph a sporting event at the Olympic games. (I’m obsessed with the Olympics so this would be amazing)
  • Get a wedding published in a magazine
  • Photograph a Wedding at Oheka Castle
  • Photograph a wedding in Central Park
  • Photograph a couple in a paddle boat in Central park
  • Photograph a session in the rain, Notebook style, splashing in puddles around New York. 

  • Photograph a Wedding in Morocco
  • Photograph a portrait session at Antelope Canyon
  • Photograph a Wedding in Greece
  • Photograph a destination Engagement session in Paris or an elopement in Paris
  • Photograph an NYC City hall elopement
  • Photograph a Wedding at the New York Public Library
  • Photograph the Northern Lights
  • Photograph a wedding or portrait session in a lavender field

If you're reading this and you're feeling inclined to help make any of these dreams come true, by all means, call me! :) haha, but seriously.