Prints Matter | Why you should print your photos.


I know, I know, society is digital. Everything is on social media these days. If you leave your house and forget your phone, you feel lost. It's like a crying baby without a pacifier. You're just upset and you need comfort and you don't know what to do. If you're not consistently plugged into social media and you feel disconnected from the world. Trust me I know. And as far as photos go most of your photos are on your phone and they consist of selfies, your breakfast, more selfie's, what you wore to the gym, your lunch, random things, more selfie's, your dinner, and then more selfie's. 

Before you do anything you want to take a selfie. You get a new car, and the first thing you want to do is take a selfie. No offense, I have nothing against selfie's. There are times when taking a selfie is absolutely necessary. (I mean how else are you going to document your new haircut fresh out of the salon?) However what are your kids going to have to look back on when they look for pictures of their mother or father? Are they just going to have a collection of selfie's? Now I know you took that photo 20 times to get that 1 perfect selfie and you’re probably thinking, "well if my kids are only going to have pictures of my selfie’s, it’s gonna be a darn good collection.” But wouldn’t you rather give them have photos of you really enjoying the moment? Wouldn’t you rather them have a glimpse into your life and look back to where it all began through your Engagement photos and of course on your Wedding day? I know I do.

This is what happens when you google selfie memes and animal selfies! Hilarious! Thank you Internet!

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You need something tangible

When you get married you need something to pass on to your children. I know you may think that all you want is your digital photos so you can post them on Facebook and share with all of your family and friends. But what happens after that? What would happen if Facebook suddenly stops working or the newest latest and greatest social media replaces it? Your photos are going to die a sad miserable digital death. I know that may sound dramatic but honestly if you think about it it's not that dramatic. Technology is always changing and developing and when the next best thing is out on the market, the thing before that becomes obsolete.  Take records and CDs for instance.  Records are now a thing of the past. I don’t even think my 19-year-old nephew knows what that is. My laptop doesn’t even have a CD-ROM drive built into it and yet people still want CDs of digital images. Now, USB’s (universal serial bus) aka “flash drives” are popular. I love USB’s don't get me wrong I think they're a great piece of technology but at the same time who knows what's going to replace it next. There are also online image galleries, which are great, but either way you need a computer.  Do you really want your first family heirloom, the memories from your wedding day, only on social media or some unpredictable technology? Don't you want something tangible that you could physically show your children and get passed on to your grandchildren?

Don't you want to walk past a wall in your house and see beautiful images of you and your husband, your bridal party, and your family on your wedding day? Isn't that so much better than just having to log on to the computer and view your photos? God forbid if you don’t have an Internet connection, you're so excited to show your friend your gorgeous wedding pictures, but you get that “sorry can't find a connection error.” Whomp whomp. Raise your hand if that’s happened to you!  When you have family and friends over for the holidays and you want to show off your beautiful wedding pictures, I think Grandma would much rather flip through your wedding album than sit around your computer. It's a much better experience when you have something tangible. And nothing compares to the quality and the beauty of a printed image.


 But I promise, I need the digital photos so I can print later...

 I’ve heard that so many times. True story: when I got my engagement pictures done, I received my digital photos on a CD…and they’re in my drawer. Life happens. After the session you may have every intention to print your images but you don't. It's been four years since I've had my engagement pictures done and I still haven't printed any. Not because I don't want to. Because I just haven't had the time. I recently visited my parents in Virginia and I was able to look at their wedding album. It was great to look back on their wedding day and be able to see all the family and friends that celebrated with them and to just relive their wedding day through their pictures. That wedding album that I held in my hand was a piece of my family history. It was where it all started. I’m so glad that they printed those pictures. Because if my parents photos were on some obsolete piece of technology that no longer exists, there would have been no way I would've been able to see them. I wouldn't have something to show my future children their grandparents wedding day.

So what am I trying to say in this really long-winded blog post? Basically, print your pictures! Prints are dead. It's important. Nothing compares. The beautiful photos on your wall from your wedding day perfectly encapsulate every feeling of joy and excitement that you felt on that day. Being able to walk past that every day and be reminded of where it all began is priceless. It's not always about the “likes” and “comments.” That's all well and good but at the end of the day, if that's all you have, you're really missing out.

You deserve it!

I believe that you deserve more than the digital files. You deserve quality products. You deserve to showcase your artwork in your home. You deserve to have an heirloom album that will stand the test of time that you can pass down to your children. That's what I strive to have all of my clients. I don't want your digital files to sit in the drawer collecting dust, never to see the light of day. Your photos should to be on display for everyone to see. Nobody's going to come to your home when you have a USB hanging on the wall and say, “wow your wedding pictures look amazing.” But they're going to see that acrylic, metal, or canvas and think wow that’s stunning. That’s what I want for you. You deserve it!


See! Doesn't that look so much better! 

Happy Printing! :)