Venue Spotlight | Potomac Point Winery


It was the morning of her wedding day. The day she was going to marry her high school sweetheart in front of her closest friends and family. She opened the window to look out on her beautiful Juliet balcony to see the rolling hills filled with grape vines in full bloom. In just a few hours she would walk down a field lined with rose bushes and grape vines, arm in arm with her dad. Step by step, she takes it all in. The trees, the way the sun feels on her face, the gasps she hears when her guests see her for the first time. And as she walks closer and turns the corner butterflies fill her stomach because she is moments away from seeing her groom at the end of the aisle. Standing there. Waiting for her, and only her.


I’m no writer. I’m a photographer. But this is what I envision when I think about Potomac Point Winery. When you envision your wedding day at your perfect wedding venue, what do you see? Do you see bright blue skies with a field of beautiful grape vines in full bloom? Do you imagine yourself walking down a field lined with rose bushes and grape vines leading to an open field where your friends and family will watch you say I do? Well if you said yes to any of this, well I would suggest you run, don’t walk to Potomac Point Winery because that’s your venue!


I had the pleasure of chatting with Chelsea Sparaco the Sales and Marketing Manager and Sydney Brown the Venue Coordinator at Potomac Point Winery. They were kind enough to answer a few of my questions about this beautiful venue and also give me a tour of this amazing property. I’m telling you, I was blown away. It was seriously breathtaking even down to the tiniest details. Here are a few takeaways from our chat.


What is something unique to Potomac Point Winery that you can’t experience elsewhere?

The grape stomping tradition! I’m sure you’ve all seen the episode of I love Lucy where she visits a winery and stomps the grapes with her feet. Well this is a tradition that you won’t find at any other venue in Stafford. Who wouldn’t want to stomp grapes in their wedding dress? I know I would! I kind of want to get married all over again just to do this fun tradition that is popular with so many of Potomac Point Wineries brides and grooms. And ladies, don’t worry about your dress getting ruined. Potomac Point Winery takes every precaution in making sure that your beautiful gown stays just that way…beautiful.  Instead of using vine grapes, they use store bought grapes. Store bought grapes are comprised of mostly water, as opposed to vine grapes. If you squeeze a vine grape the juice coming out of it will be very pigmented like the color of the grape. However, the store bought grapes aren’t that way. So you don’t have to worry about red juice stains. It’s purely for the fun of it. And as a photographer, trust me, it will make for some pretty fun photos.


Can your venue host both the ceremony and reception?

Yes! The best thing about Potomac Point Winery is that you can host everything there.  You don’t have to worry about your guests getting lost on their way to your reception or hosting your wedding in multiple locations if that’s not something that you want. Your ceremony would take place outside on the ceremony grounds following with your reception that would take place in the beautiful Richland Ballroom & patio. What’s great about Potomac Point Winery is they have a getting ready space for both the bride and the groom if you choose their Vines to Vows package. The Bride get’s ready in the bridal salon while the groom would get ready in the barrel room. In addition, if you book the package, and you want a beautiful place to do your engagement photos, or another photo session, you’re free to use the grounds as well.


Do Couple’s usually get married inside or outside?

Most couple’s looking to get married at the Winery opt for an outdoor wedding. It’s such a beautiful location with 360 views and it’s the perfect place for an outdoor wedding. And no need to worry about rain. They have you covered with several options for a rain backup plan. Also, just as important, if your wedding day gets rained out and you’re not able to get the pictures you wanted, you can come back anytime to retake your photos. No additional fees. So you literally have nothing to worry about, they have all your bases covered. But that of course is a worst-case scenario but it gives you great peace of mind knowing that’s an option.


Can I bring 200 of my closest family and friends?

Absolutely. Potomac Point Winery can host anywhere from 75 to 200 of your closest family and friends. For smaller ceremonies, the Coyote Cave is a unique place to host a smaller and more intimate ceremony.


What is the Coyote Cave?

I’m so glad you asked. It’s one of my favorite things about the winery. Chelsea shared with me that while the winery was being built, there was an area next to the barrel room that was still being constructed. While the concrete was still wet a Mother and a baby Coyote snuck into the cave area. The next day when they arrived, their paw prints were etched into the concrete. Now they call that space the Coyote Cave. It’s a fun area where intimate weddings are hosted and it’s also a great spot for photos. It also serves as the ceremony holding space right before you walk down the aisle. The Coyote Cove Red (named after the Coyote Cave) wine is a popular wine amongst the Potomac Point Winery couples.


Speaking of wine, are there any other wines that are popular?

At Potomac Point Winery, they host a collection of both classic and reserve wines. A favorite recommended by Chelsea for a white wine would be the Viognier. The Heritage wine is another favorite for a good red wine. The Coyote Cave Red wine is as mentioned before, is popular with most weddings as well as the La Belle Vie white.


What about the Catering?

The Potomac Point Winery is pretty much like an all-inclusive resort, complete with beautiful views, food and wine. It’s seriously an amazing place. They have an extensive Tapas style menu complete with a head chef and kitchen staff. Each catering package is fully customizable to fit your needs. You have your choice between a buffet dinner and a plated dinner.  There are also vegetarian and vegan options as well with some of the food being locally sourced. Another great feature, which I don’t see often, is the late night snacks option. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and there are not many that offer this service. You have the choice of brisket sliders, cheese quesadillas, and gourmet popcorn with white truffle & Parmesan, bacon & white cheddar. Could you imagine taking a break from dancing for quesadilla’s and popcorn? Yes please!


Ok, you had me at grape stomping! When do I book?

As you can imagine, the weekends fill up fast with Saturday’s being the most popular day to get married. Prime wedding season is May, June, September, and October. This is also when the vineyard is in full bloom. July and August are stunning as well. If you’re looking to book a winter wedding from December to March, they also offer a winter package as well. I love weddings in the snow. I can only imagine how breathtaking the winery would look in the snow. If this were the venue for you, I would book between 1 and 1½ year’s before your wedding date.  


With its New Orleans Style courtyard and Italian style influences, Potomac Point winery is like being in Italy. It’s a perfect combination of romance and elegance and I’m so looking forward to photographing a wedding at this beautiful venue.  I hope my photos have given you a little teaser of what to expect when you visit this beautiful place. I couldn’t give it all away, if you want to see more, you’ll have to pay them a visit.


To learn more about this stunning venue, you can visit Contact Chelsea Sparaco at 540-446-2250.